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Our website contains a great range of Tibetan Spaniel products for every Tibetan Spaniel owner and Tibetan Spaniel lover. The products we have available include Tibetan SpanielThrows, Tibetan Spaniel Cushions and Tibetan Spaniel Shoulder Bags.


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The Tibetan Spaniel shoulder bags are constructed of high quality, 100% natural cotton. Measuring 17" wide by 17" tall with two black canvas straps, the bag can hold an array of items.


The Tibetan Spaniel  Cushions are again made from 100% natural cotton and measure 17" by 17". The cushion pad (inner) complies with the furniture and furnishings regulations 1988 and is removable.


The Tibetan Spaniel throws measure 54 inches by 54 Inches and are made from 100% all natural high-quality cotton.


All our Tibetan Spaniel merchandise is manufactured to the highest standards and can be purchased with the knowledge that we offer a full money back guarantee if not completely satisfied with your purchase. 


Tibetan Spaniel Products Currently Available 

Tibetan Spaniel Shoulder Bag


Tibetan Spaniel Tapestry Cushion


Tibetan Spaniel Throw 

General Information On Tibetan Spaniels


Tibetan Saniels should measure about 25cms and their ideal weight would be between 4 - 7 kgs. The Tibetan Spaniel is a healthy breed, free from serious genetic problems. However, eye testing is recommended as PRA has occurred in the breed.


This old breed is thought to have originated from the Himalayan Monasteries and villages of Tibet. Their love of sitting high on viewpoints made them excellent guard dogs for these isolated monasteries. Their keen eyesight saw the approach of strangers and they would bark to warn their masters. They were much-loved companions to the monks who would place them under their flowing robes in the winter with both benefiting from the warmth created. The earliest record of the breed in the UK seems to be that of a dog been brought over in 1895 by a sailor returning from the Middle East. This little dog lived until 1908. A few breeders took an interest in the breed over the next few decades but during the first war the breed very nearly became extinct. A present of a Tibbie bitch was made to Lady Wakefield when she was visiting India and, in time, this little bitch was mated to a dog especially brought in from the Tashi-Gong Monastery in Western Tibetan. The puppies born in 1941 from this mating were subsequently brought into England in 1946. The following year a further bitch was brought in and mated to one of the original puppies brought over in 1941 and this was the foundation of the breed in England. In 1959 the number of registered had grown and the Kennel Club gave the breed Challenge Certificate status at 4 Championship Shows, a tremendous achievement!


An intelligent breed to train as they quickly grasp what is required of them. They can sometimes be obstinate so consistent training is necessary.


The head should be small in relation to the body and carried proudly. The skull should be slightly domed, of moderate width and length, with a slight but defined stop. The muzzle should be medium in length, blunt with cushioning and free from wrinkles. A black nose is preferred. The oval eyes should be medium sized, dark brown, bright and expressive, set fairly well apart but still looking forward. The rims should be black. The medium-sized ears should be pendant, set fairly high and well-feathered in the adult dog. The bite should be slightly undershot but the teeth and tongue should not show when the mouth is closed. Full dentition is desirable. The neck should be moderately short, strong and well set on and be covered with a mane of longer hair, which should be more pronounced in dogs than in bitches. The front legs should have moderate bone and be slightly bowed but firm at the shoulder. The hindlegs should be well-made and strong with well let down hocks and a moderate turn of stifle. The body should be slightly longer from withers to tail than the height at the withers. The back should be level with a good spring of rib. The feet should be harelike and small and neat with feathering between the toes. Round, cat-feet are undesirable. The tail should be set high, richly plumed and carried in a gay curl over the back when in movement. When standing, it is allowed to be dropped. Movement should be quick, positive free and straight. All colours and mixture of colours are permissible.



16/03/2020 I thought l would let you know that Alfie arrived today all safe and well. He came with a note in his package that he had been stopped and checked by Customs during is travels. I would say that would be why he was a little late arriving. The package had been resealed and was fine. He is extremely cute. Even though he did not arrive in time for the birthday l wanted him for, he was very welcomed. Thank you again for your help. I will be sure to purchase from you again and highly recommend you Heather, Whyalla, Australia

12/03/2020 Many thanks for your help with this, it is a pleasant surprise to find such excellent customer service. Helen, York

26/02/2020 Thank you for my recent order & the beautiful cushions, also your prompt service. Evelyn, Belfast

10/02/2020 I ordered the last one you had in stock to see what it was like. It is absolutely lovely. If you are able to get some that would be great, I would need them for Crufts which starts at the beginning of March. Tania, Croydon

28/01/2020 Cushions arrived at 12.30 and are just what we wanted! Gordon, Crediton

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