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Our website contains a great range of Shih Tzu products for every Shih Tzu owner and Shih Tzu lover. The products we have available include Shih Tzu Throws, Shih Tzu Cushions and Shih Tzu Shoulder Bags. 


So if there's a Shih Tzu lover in your life, choose from our range of Shih Tzu gifts by clicking on the following link:



The Shih Tzu shoulder bags are constructed of high quality, 100% natural cotton. Measuring 17" wide by 17" tall with two black canvas straps, the bag can hold an array of items.


The Shih Tzu Cushions are again made from 100% natural cotton and measure 17" by 17". The cushion pad (inner) complies with the furniture and furnishings regulations 1988 and is removable.


The Shih Tzu throws measure 54 inches by 54 Inches and are made from 100% all natural high-quality cotton. 


All our Shih Tzu merchandise is manufactured to the highest standards and can be purchased with the knowledge that we offer a full money back guarantee if not completely satisfied with your purchase. 


Shih Tzu Products Currently Available


Shih Tzu Tapestry Cushion


Shih Tzu Throw


Shih Tzu Shoulder Bag 

General Information On Shih Tzu Dogs


Although the Shih Tzu´s roots are in Tibet, his perfection occurred in China. If the Lhasa is a mildly dwarfed Tibetan Terrier, the Shih Tzu is a slightly more exaggerated dwarf form of these breeds. The Chinese prized the smaller individuals from the Lhasa's sent to China and preferred the very shortened face. Although some writers feel crossing to the Pekingese occurred, simple selection for the most dwarfed forms of the Lhasa's could easily have created this charmer. To further link the two breeds, the Chinese call their version Shih Tzu which means lion dog, the same label that the Lhasa dog bears in Tibet. The scenario can easily be imagined: Tibetans sent pairs of charming smallish lion dogs to the imperial court of China. The Chinese also called them lion dogs (in Chinese, of course). Over the centuries the smaller, shorter legged and shorter faced specimens were selected or crossed with native toy breeds, and the result evolved into our modern Shih Tzu. The dogs lived lives of luxury in the palaces of China, and were bred as loving companions. After China became a republic in 1912, occasional specimens made their way into Britain. Fortunately, enough were brought to England and Norway, and later North America, to begin good breeding programs prior to the Communist takeover when dogs were virtually eliminated in China.

The British awarded championship status to the breed in 1949 but it was not recognized in North America until the 1960s. When allowed to be shown in America in 1969, one of the specimens exhibited went all the way to Best in Show the first time he was shown. The breed is well known for its marvellous movement, with tremendous reach and drive pushing that little body smoothly ahead like a locomotive. Shih Tzu's have enjoyed tremendous success in show rings all over the world. In Canada, where then-standard allows for a slightly larger specimen, they are a part of the Non-Sporting Group. The Shih Tzu is shown in the Toy Group in the United States. The Shih Tzu is also being "discovered" as a fine companion dog. Less suspicious of strangers than his erstwhile cousin, the Lhasa, he is vivacious and athletic for his small size, and very people-oriented. Full of confidence and self-importance, his arrogant carriage is described in the standard. His beautiful, flowing coat does require a fair amount of grooming to look its best. It is the hair that grows upward from the short nose that gives the Shih Tzu the "chrysanthemum" look described by the Orientals. In fact, the original standard issued by the Peking Kennel Club may have been the most descriptive in dogdom. Included in the requirements were a "lion head, bear torso, camel hoof, feather-duster tail, palm-leaf ear, rice teeth, pearly petal tongue and movement like a goldfish." Shih Tzu's consider themselves extremely dignified, yet can be charming clowns.





16/03/2020 I thought l would let you know that Alfie arrived today all safe and well. He came with a note in his package that he had been stopped and checked by Customs during is travels. I would say that would be why he was a little late arriving. The package had been resealed and was fine. He is extremely cute. Even though he did not arrive in time for the birthday l wanted him for, he was very welcomed. Thank you again for your help. I will be sure to purchase from you again and highly recommend you Heather, Whyalla, Australia

12/03/2020 Many thanks for your help with this, it is a pleasant surprise to find such excellent customer service. Helen, York

26/02/2020 Thank you for my recent order & the beautiful cushions, also your prompt service. Evelyn, Belfast

10/02/2020 I ordered the last one you had in stock to see what it was like. It is absolutely lovely. If you are able to get some that would be great, I would need them for Crufts which starts at the beginning of March. Tania, Croydon

28/01/2020 Cushions arrived at 12.30 and are just what we wanted! Gordon, Crediton

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