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We have a great range of Hungarian Vizsla Gifts avaialble in our store. The Hungarian Vizsla Gifts we have available include the Hungarian Vizsla Throw, Hungarian Vizsla Cushion and Hungarian Vizsla Shoulder Bag.

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Hungarian Vizsla Shoulder Bag

Hungarian Vizsla Tapestry Cushion

Hungarian Vizsla Throw

General Information On The Hungarian Vizsla

The exact origin of this striking Hungarian hunting dog is difficult to pinpoint. Some historians think the Hungarian Vizsla goes back in pure line to the days of the Magyar hordes that overran Hungary from the East. Others feel it is a creation of the present century! Perhaps the reality is somewhere between.

The home of the Hungarian Vizsla  is the hot central plain of Hungary, the Puszta, an area of rich and diverse agriculture and plentiful game. Etchings of nearly a thousand years ago show Magyar huntsmen with dogs and falcons. It is known that they had good hounds (such as the Transylvanian), and they must have used these hounds in selective breeding for dogs to use with the falcon. Legends persist about the "Yellow Turkish Hunting Dog" used in the Hungarian Vizsla´s development. This will continue to be a mystery, as there is no modern equivalent of this type, and it isn´t known even what kind of "hunting" dog the extinct breed was. Of course, it is only logical to assume that good hunting dogs were brought with the migrating Magyars as they left Asia Minor for Europe. But the modern fine tuning of this breed as an all-purpose hunting dog probably occurred fairly recently, possibly with crosses to other established European breeds.

The Hungarian Vizsla suffered greatly between the two Great Wars, and much of the modern breed is based on dogs taken out of Hungary by owners emigrating to other countries. The breed has gained some following in several European countries, as well as in North America. Because of his origin on the hot plains, he has been noted for his stamina in hot weather. Some Vizsla historians note that at some point during the 1930s, after crosses were made to the German Wirehair, the Drotszoru or wirehaired version appeared. This variety has not been officially recognized in the USA, but the wire coat is encouraged in Hungary since it can better withstand the winter weather, especially while retrieving ducks from ice-cold water and sitting (wet) for hours in a boat.

The Hungarian pointer is expected to be an all-rounder, searching diligently, not ranging too far, and marking and retrieving from land and water. These are gentle dogs, willing to please but not adapting well to a harsh hand. Their character is defined by their Hungarian name, Vizsla, meaning alert and responsive.

The breed is more refined than many of the other European utility dogs, only moderate of bone, standing high on cat feet, with a hint of an arch to the loin. Perhaps that "yellow dog from Turkey" had some of the sighthound in him! But breeders are warned to avoid letting their dog degenerate into one too refined and shelly to stand up to the work expected of him. The Hungarian Vizsla  is making a good name for himself among American hunters, and his bright gold color stands him well in the show ring. A steady trickle of dual champions is being produced by dedicated breeders who don´t want a breed split. Obedience has also found him a capable participant. In 1987, a Vizsla captured the first and only triple American championship, a special award created by AKC for a dog that has won his bench title for the ideal appearance, his field trial championship, and an obedience trial championship won after the UD title is obtained.

16/03/2020 I thought l would let you know that Alfie arrived today all safe and well. He came with a note in his package that he had been stopped and checked by Customs during is travels. I would say that would be why he was a little late arriving. The package had been resealed and was fine. He is extremely cute. Even though he did not arrive in time for the birthday l wanted him for, he was very welcomed. Thank you again for your help. I will be sure to purchase from you again and highly recommend you Heather, Whyalla, Australia

12/03/2020 Many thanks for your help with this, it is a pleasant surprise to find such excellent customer service. Helen, York

26/02/2020 Thank you for my recent order & the beautiful cushions, also your prompt service. Evelyn, Belfast

10/02/2020 I ordered the last one you had in stock to see what it was like. It is absolutely lovely. If you are able to get some that would be great, I would need them for Crufts which starts at the beginning of March. Tania, Croydon

28/01/2020 Cushions arrived at 12.30 and are just what we wanted! Gordon, Crediton

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